Colorado Plank Project

Join us as we plank our way across country on our 8 week adventure to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado on an Athletes In Action summer project. In addition to growing in our faith and in Christ, we will also be growing in our planking skills.

Technopedia's definition of planking is a game where the participant lies face down in unusual locations, keeping the hands along the body and the feet outstretched. When this plank-like position is achieved, a photo is taken next to the most random things possible. Join as we plank (and spread the gospel) across Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, and all throughout Colorado.

Planking is a social phenomenon that we learned from our AIA project and friends Down Undah. It has since been banned in Australia, but luckily, not in the States...yet.
#daviscup #viplounge #gocanadago  (at UBC Thunderbird Arena)

#daviscup #viplounge #gocanadago (at UBC Thunderbird Arena)

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